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Professionalize your capital raising for stronger growth

A large number of companies are dependent on external funding during their development and growth phase in order to drive forward commercialisation, expansion and product development as desired.Especially in the early stages of innovative and technology-driven start-ups, scale-ups and SMEs, they are increasingly dependent on private-sector venture capital investors instead of the classic financing options via banks. Fundraising is also very time-consuming, requires a large network and experience in the optimal structuring of a transaction. This is exactly where we come in as a corporate finance partner and accompany you from the preparation of all documents to networking and closing with the most relevant counterparties from venture capital funds, private equity funds, family offices and corporate venture funds on a global basis. We bring you the necessary reach, expertise and speed so that you have the choice and certainty for the best long-term decision.

Work with experienced venture capital investors and push the turbo

Your advantages through the cooperation with a corporate finance boutique


Benefit From The Know-How Of Selected Experts With Years Of Experience, Who Will Advise You And Represent Your Company Professionally To The Outside World.


Get more certainty in the design of the transaction to avoid unnecessary and costly mistakes.


Take advantage of access to an internationally distinctive network of potential strategic investors / venture capitalists.


Accelerate the process with the support of skilled investment bankers with direct contacts in the corporate finance world.

More Time

Keep your focus on operations while outsourcing the time-consuming fundraising work to your trusted partner.

More Possibilities

Take the opportunity to evaluate various financing / fundraising options and offers and make the best decision accordingly.

There are enough ideas, we are looking for the doers

The Process

(Classic Cross-Border Auction Process)


Initial Interview – Get Together

Non-binding initial meeting to evaluate your needs and weigh up the capital requirements, including the next potential steps.


Preparation – Strategy

Market and company research to weigh up the potential for success and the meaningfulness of a partnership in the given period.


Documentation – Equity Story

Preparation of the necessary documents for the process such as private placement memorandum, financial excel, management presentation and teaser.


Definition – Target Group

Identification and compilation of a comprehensive list of potential venture capitalists / investors, aligned with the previously evaluated needs.


Process Start – Initial Talks

Targeted approach to relevant counterparts, assessment of interests and filtering of contacts with the best match.


Presentation – Roadshow

Company presentation by the founders and consideration of synergy effects and future direction after the transaction for maximum ROI.


Term Sheet – Due Diligence

Selection and comparison of the underlying non- binding offers. Negotiation and signing with the best-fitting partner. DD Start.


Legal Phase – Deal Closing

After completion of the due diligence, legal preparation of the capital increase documents and finalisation of the transaction.

Dual Process


(Exit/Merger & Fundraising)

Many companies that are in a phase of potential change and entrepreneurial development are unsure about the perfect time to sell the company, to merge or to raise fresh capital and grow organically beforehand. Due to this problem and demand, DIGIALOG and its partners have initiated the Dual Process, in which you get an insight into both possibilities at the current time according to the market situation and interest, and then decide on the next and most suitable step. In this process, the following activities are implemented simultaneously:

Fundraising Process

We prepare the company and the documentation for a capital increase and search for suitable investors for a capital increase to implement further organic growth targets before an official company sale. The most suitable offers / funds are shortlisted for comparison with the offers from the sale/exit and merger process with strategic takeover partners.

Sellside/Merger Process

We prepare the company and the documentation for a sale or merger and search for suitable strategic takeover partners. The most suitable offers are shortlisted for comparison with the offers from the fundraising process via investors/funds.

Comparison and Decision

At the end of the simultaneously executed processes, you are given the opportunity to compare the offers / term sheets from a possible capital increase (fundraising) and those from a possible merger or sale. This allows you to make an independent and fact-based decision that is optimal for your company’s future.

We focus on your interests and those of your shareholders for the maximum return on investment


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