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SD Group AG


Blockchain & Mining



SD Group AG plans, implements and builds profit-oriented mining infrastructures. It makes use of the latest technology, modern energies and operates at various locations with reliable partners. SD Group AG acts independently, on its own responsibility and in accordance with its mission statement:

Competent – independent – responsible – sustainable – serious – transparent – profit-oriented.

The mining facilities, which are based on the open source protocol, require extraordinary computing power in order to successfully mine BTC. This resulted in challenges that SD Group AG has successfully met:


  • Organization of computing power (machines/hard-/software)
  • Organisation of suitable locations with favourable, negotiable energy prices
  • Generation of growth to optimize discounts (hardware/software/energy)
  • Evaluation of new locations
  • Expansion of existing locations
  • Evaluation of suitable, reputable partners who work with SD Group AG on the Vision

From the emergence of banks to today’s digital currencies

Power consumption

By definition, SD Group AG has a very high energy requirement to maintain operational readiness. This results in very interesting perspectives for the selection of possible new locations in communities that can offer energy from their own production and sales due to the high demand. An advantage that will mutate into an increasingly important factor with increasing size. Some locations and the necessary energy supply could be regulated bindingly. Others are undergoing concrete evaluation. As the company can largely call up engineering, construction and conversion know-how within the group, as well as administration and insurance services, an efficient working method is guaranteed.

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