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LEA (Limitless E-Health Application) is a software solution for the immense flood of data in healthcare and its efficient use. It serves the end consumer / patient as well as the medical institutions as a uniform interface.

All health, illness, vital and personal data are stored in a Swiss storage solution under the highest security requirements. This data belongs to the patient and the patient releases this data for the medical service providers treating and caring for him.

 LEA makes it possible for the first time to prepare a patient for the ideal treatment as quickly as possible on the basis of a reliable diagnosis, to make the immense flood of data in the healthcare system more usable and manageable and to create structures that focus on the patient. Together with the realization of a high and often careless consumption of drugs in everyday medicine. Thanks to LEA, transparency and control possibilities are created, as well as the potential of process digitization in medical institutions. There are three factors that can drive a new business model. A digital patient dossier is intended to create added value in the B2B, B2C and federal sectors.


The digital patient file

The digital health system

The future healthcare system is based on the digital healthcare platform and is composed, among other things, of the following repositioned, future-oriented modules:

• the electronic patient file, LEA (Limitless E-Health Application)
• the digital health insurance, DHI (Digital Health Insurance)
• the digital pharmaceutical factory, DPF (Digital Pharma Factory)
• the e-Doctor, EED (E-Doctor)
• the e-Hospital, DPC (Digital Patient Center)
• the digital health database, HDP (Health Data Pool)
• and the digital information system for older people, DAI (Digital Adult Information System)

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