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As a corporate finance boutique, we support you in fundraising, M&A transactions (company sales / mergers as well as strategic identification and acquisition of companies) and bring your business model into focus through our international network of partners and investors. Learn more

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Our Vision

DIGIALOG is made up of the words digital and dialogue. Symbolic for the dialogue we have with our business partners about new digital business opportunities and the step from analogue to digital. Together we make you fit for the future – Future Fitness with DIGIALOG.



Silicon Valley
Switzerland & Globally

In Switzerland and in many other countries, there is a high level of entrepreneurship with many creative and sustainable ideas that need to be implemented. We help you realise your vision and together we set an example for progress, growth and innovation. With our international auction process, we give you access to the right network of investors and buyers, maximise your negotiating power and valuation and optimise your presence from the very first moment.


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